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Character and Attitude Development

Rosie Hamilton-McGinty is the founder of A Winning Attitude Coaching and Training Program and Author of nine self help books based on Character and Attitude Development.

"Life is a journey of Self Discovery"
Join Rosie and transform your own life.

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What is the A Winning Attitude Program?

The A Winning Attitude Program which Rosie delivers aims to motivate, inspire and lift you and your life into new levels of awareness and potential, giving you the confidence and self belief necessary to move out of habitual patterns of behaviour and thinking that hold you back and to develop a more progressive attitude for a better life.

Join Rosie and transform your own life on this One Day A Winning Attitude Workshop and consider if you wish to take a step further and register on her Two Day Training and Coaching Program, to become an A Winning Attitude Licensed Trainer and Coach which will enable you to deliver the program to your own portfolio of clients. Don’t miss out places are limited.

A Winning Attitude Program


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