Our Parent course, has been developed to support schools and parents in working together to bring out the best in their children. It is designed for Nursery and Reception parents and can be covered during one workshop with four sessions, or spread over a number of weeks. Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education and working in partnership with parents are essential elements contributing to positive outcomes for children. A Winning Attitude Parent Workshop strongly supports the development of these important aspects.

Parents and school staff are able to engage in fun, interactive sessions discussing the following important issues.

Session 1

Meeting your Child’s Emotional Needs
Making Choices

Session 2

Character Building
Code of Conduct, Behaviour and Manners

Session 3

Children Need Limits, Structure and Consistency

Session 4

Fun, Engagement and Play
Building Strong Relationships

Digital Course Package - £499.00

  • PDF Workbook – How to Bring out the Best in your Child
  • eBook – Parents As Play Partners
  • Powerpoint presentation with action plan
  • Video course overview
  • Handout – The Importance Of Attachment
  • School course eflyer
  • Parent certificate form and parent feedback form
  • A Winning Attitude Book for Parents x 20 copies (additional copies can be purchased)
  • License and Terms and Conditions
  • Optional: eBook - Dealing With Childhood Issues -
  • Optional: Parent course pull up banner
  • Optional: Teacher form to qualify for a Cache endorsed certificate

In-house Training is also available with Professor Pat Preedy and Rosie Hamilton McGinty. Daily fee: £500.00 per person + travelling expenses.


Pilot Courses

Pilot courses conducted at Pattison College, Coventry and The Revel Primary School, Warwickshire in December 2016 and January 2017 produced some positive feedback from Parents;

“A very useful short course in Parenting”

“How good the course was”

“A very informative day lead by extremely knowledgeable practitioner’s. It was a great refresher on good practice with our little ones. Would highly recommend the course to other Parents“

“I will be going home and making positive changes”

Vision for 2017

Extend the A Winning Attitude course to reach parents in private and state schools in the UK and Internationally. We have already been approached by the Middle East where we are linked and working with the Middlesex University, Dubai with the Play Partners model, part of the A Winning Attitude Parent course content.

Our aim is to work and extend our message (with potential funding) to reach other languages and other cultures who wish to embrace the principles of the course. These schools can be given permission to translate the content into a language to suit their audience.


A Launch of A Winning Attitude Parent Workshop will take place at 12noon on Saturday 11th March 2017. Being organised by Kerrie Laurie who can be contacted by email:

The Venue:
The Community Room, Rugby Fire Station, Corporation Street, Rugby, CV21 2DN

Professor Pat Preedy

Rosie Hamilton-McGinty:


Parent Workshop

Parent Workshop 2017

A fantastic course! It makes so much sense and its so very good to hear your own feelings 'validated'. As a practitioner (Nursery Manager) I feel empowered to make changes within my setting to put the child back as central focus.

Tashika Bennet

University of Portsmouth

University of Portsmouth

It was a great delight to have Rosie Hamilton-McGinty to present her motivational 'A Winning Attitude' lecture at the University of Portsmouth. She gave a well delivered, energetic and inspirational presentation. A great insight into why her book 'A Winning Attitude 'is essential to take control of one's self and life. You cannot fail to be motivated.

Gary Brown, TV Media Lecturer

Parent Workshop

Parent Workshop 2017

Best course I have ever attended! Thank you for your time and expertise. It is a brilliant course. All educational professionals and all parents should attend.

Jo Cressey