Achieving Your Goals

29 March 2016, Rosie Hamilton-McGinty

I really do believe you can get what you want in life and that you can achieve the goals you set for yourself

I really do believe you can live the life you now want and be happy and successful, but of course like anything in life we have to really believe we can achieve what we want and that core belief is the first step to achieving.

Self-belief is developed from inside, it’s your power base of energy that you were born with. Most people are unaware they have this power, this energy centre, from which all your self-belief and confidence grows. The first step to achieving your goals is to start developing your strengths within your character and develop an action plan to move forward and change. This means all the things you believe are your strengths, say for example, good manners, dependability, integrity, get up and go and tenacity to see a job finished and done well.

Now set out your goals for the next week, month or year and using these strengths of character you can determine how best to work towards achieving them. Pulling in your tenacity to see a job finished, dependability to go the extra mile and wow people, and with your get up and go motivate yourself to get up, pay attention to your personal care plan of looking smart for yourself and others, you are ready and on the way to start working towards achieving your goals.

Bring your goals to fruition

I really believe that every individual can achieve what they want, whether that is to make more money, get a better job, attract a good relationship, or grow your business. If I believe in you, it should be easy for you to start believing in yourself and your capabilities and strengths within your character to bring your goals to fruition.

The good thing about setting out goals is that you have if you’re reading this article, come to a conclusion that something needs to change and or improve in your life, you want something better for yourself. Once you determine this you are already committed to making it happen. The plan just needs setting out – I always use mind maps myself, these are great for setting out different areas that need to be worked on in order to bring your main goal to fruition. A large piece of paper and write your goal in the centre and circle, then branch off from that goal and form circles all around the main goal and write all the things you need to do daily to bring that goal to fruition.

Make it happen

You have established that you have strengths and you are prepared to use these strengths to develop and grow self-belief and confidence in yourself and from this standpoint of strength you can set your goals and mind map the best route to start achieving those goals. That might mean you start emailing certain people daily who you think can assist you in moving forward. It might mean joining groups or networking groups if part of your goal is to develop your business. What changes need to happen in the business/relationship to improve? Whatever you now want to change for a better, more successful and fulfilling life lies with you and your determination to make it happen.

When you make the effort and move forward and develop and grow as a person your energy levels change and you start to attract different types of people, because you have changed. So realising your goals does require dedication and effort, but you have all the ingredients inside necessary for you to make this happen, and setting out and achieving your weekly, monthly, yearly goals you’ve set for yourself will get easier and easier as your self-belief and confidence grows into new levels of wisdom.

Move out of your comfort zone

It takes courage to overcome negative habitual patterns of behaviour, but it can be done, most of the great achievers in life have done it. They have all got a story to tell of when they were down and out and had to fight really hard to get back on top. But they did it and so can you. You are capable and there will be doubts and fears when stepping out of your comfort zone. But in order for you to achieve those goals you have set for yourself you will have to grit your teeth and work through any fears of not being good enough, not having the confidence to go for it. But trust me when I say every time I have stretched myself and moved out of the comfort zone I created for myself I have had successful outcomes. It is in your thinking, be positive, stay positive and with a winning attitude towards others you cannot help but succeed in everything you want to now achieve for yourself and to lead the life you want.

I wish you every success.

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