You Are Powerful - Believe It!

8 Jan 2022, Rosie Hamilton-McGinty

Do you know that you are more powerful than you think

You have tremendous power as an individual and by applying this power you can achieve what you want to lead the life you want.

What I am going to share with you is how to direct this energy and power to start making all kinds of changes for improvement in all areas of your life.

You see when you apply this power correctly you can make more money, grow your business improve personal relationships, have more fun, free time for travel and more importantly reduce stress levels. You probably have never heard or spoken about this inner power, but believe me it exists. It’s the core of you and is the driving force behind everything you think, do and achieve in life. So you can now see the importance of understanding how best to direct it to make anything possible in your life.

Well to get started you need to understand that this energy, this power which is as I said the central hub of your being is constantly at work and you are everyday directing and applying this power through your thoughts, beliefs and the words you use.

Adopt a positive attitude

So perhaps now you can appreciate just how by adopting a positive attitude towards people and situation will always work in your favour. This power is your subconscious mind, which is connected to your higher mind/power and is connected to everyone and everything. Your subconscious mind will bring you the people, situations and opportunities that mirror what you say, think and believe. It cannot help to work in your favour, positive energy (thoughts and beliefs) attracts positive energy and negative energy (doubts and fears) attracts negative responses.

I want you to start to direct and apply this power to work for you. You will find that people and situations will start to change and things start working in your favour. When you truly believe that you have control of this power through your thoughts, beliefs, words and actions then you have reached a truly remarkable stage in your personal development. You see you can achieve anything you want in life if you direct this power to work for you positively every day, it’s as simple as that.

Stop thinking negatively

So now is the time to get rid of those worries, fears and doubts about your life, relationship, work and money, this is you thinking negatively and with this attitude things will just get harder and harder for you. You see when you are negative you will make the wrong choices, you will mix and associate with people who don’t really help you. You will attract the wrong relationships and you could also make the wrong financial choices and decisions. I don’t want this to happen for you, your life just becomes harder and you can end up really struggling and stressed.

You see when you use your inner power negatively they create blocks in your subconscious mind, which in turn blocks your success and prevents you from breaking though using your power positively to achieve what you want. In essence you will be creating a negative life for yourself, and not using the creative power and energy you were born with to generate happiness and success for yourself.

So if you are not making the money you would like, or living the life you really want then you are stuck and blocked in thinking negatively about everything in your life. You have to get rid of these blocks and negative statements and remember nothing will change until you do. Start directing your power to create the new life you now want.

The longer you use your power negatively the longer you will have the blocks to success and happiness. So start making a note of when you speak negatively or you become doubtful about situations and fear making choices or changes. Remember when directing your power negatively, the end result that you will attract will be negative and not what you wished for.

Keep control of your power, it’s yours, you were born with it. You were born to be successful, born to be significant and talented. It’s now time for you to take charge and direct your mind, beliefs and expectations to work for you to bring you the life you really want.

I wish you every success.

Until next time


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